Kayak the Quilleute Estuary all the way to the Ocean

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Rialto beach is located in the middle of the Olmpic National Park´s coastal strip. It is seperated from the Quileute Indian Reservation by the Quillayute River. Rialto is known for its estuary views where sea lions, Bald Eagles, pelicans, osprey and elk frolic. The estuary at Rialto has lovingly been nicknamed the temperate version of the Florida Everglades for its river delta landscape and the magnificent shades of green it produces. Kayak tours are run on a regular basis through this beautiful hidden area. The Pacific side of Rialto Beach is very rugged and has great views of sea stacks. A favorite hike on the peninsula is Rialto to Ozette, a long and tough journey though well worth the memories one returns with..

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